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Why the beauty of the sky? Days beauty six major advantages
NO.1: Luxury photo
Unique taste, luxurious
      Company's products are designed by the powerful design team, mosaic materials are used Imported crystal, diamond, pearl,pure handmade Fine building.
NO.2: Simple high quality
Home Furnishing decoration simple high quality photo choice
      Companies in creating high Taste fashion style ,The pursuit of high-quality products manufacturing process, The famous design.
NO.3: Adequate supply
To meet all types of customer demand for products
      The company self-produced self marketing, Warehouse system Thousands of items, goods, Convenient delivery.
NO.4: Popular TV series the specified items
Loved by the masses of consumers
      Our company products have been designated as At home and abroad Many TV drama special props.
NO.5: Zero risk commitment
Let you worry free shopping!
1to ensure the safety of the packaging of goods, if damaged On approval.
2 if the quality of products, 15 days 100% replacement
3 electroplating products Promise not to fade
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Zero inventory management Tmall, let me save money and worry
Shanghai Jiayi Hardware Jewelry Co., Ltd. 
Zero inventory management Tmall, let

Our company opened a flagship store in Tmall Home Furnishing above, operating in good condition, in .....

Fine workmanship let me win a lot of orders
Chengdu Jia Wei Home Furnishing Co. Ltd. 
Fine workmanship let me win a lot of

Our company specializes in domestic and foreign Home Furnishing boutique, formerly the domestic manu.....

Delivery speed, let me catch a lot of customers
Fujian Weimei Home Furnishing jewelry.
Delivery speed, let me catch a lot of

Our company before with other companies is very tired, your price, delivery speed, an accidental opp.....

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The company specializing in the production and sales of metal frames, has thirteen years of export experience, engaged in domestic sales has been four years, now has a complete set of domestic product sales system, warehousing company strong, can according to the requirements of customers ...See details>>

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Beauty sky   Common problem
Q Your companys products are generally suitable for use in what
Asn Our products are generally used in the wedding photo studio, Home ...
Q Alloy frame surface you is how to deal with?
Asn Photo surface alloy is plating processing, and then glue stick dri...
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Dongguan City days afterburner frame backplane Co. Ltd.
Contacts:Mr. Xu
Address:Dongguan Huangjiang Town hem Cun Feng Yuan Lu No. 2